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Tamoxifen, a medicine used to treat breast cancer any medicine that contains oestrogen such as medicines used in hormone replacement therapy hrt or oral contraceptives any health food products that contain natural oestrogens used for post-menopausal symptoms.

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finally, some women may switch to an aromatase inhibitor after 2 or 3 years of tamoxifen, for a total of 5 or more years of hormone therapy.

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in the atac trial, postmenopausal women with early invasive, operable breast cancer who had completed primary therapy surgery radiotherapy chemotherapy and who were eligible for adjuvant hormonal therapy were randomised to receive either anastrozole or tamoxifen or both for up to 5 years atac trialists group, 2005 .

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because surgeons can t always be sure they removed all of the cancer cells, tamoxifen can reduce the risk that those leftover cells will continue to multiply and the cancer will return.

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even the irs in interested in side effects and any issues tamoxifen may help slow or supplicate bone skincare.

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49 50 48 tamoxifen, a selective estrogen receptor modulator serm with predominantly antiestrogenic actions, can counteract flutamide-induced gynecomastia and breast pain in men.


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