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Adverse reactions reported in controlled clinical trials and open studies in patients treated with beconase aq nasal spray are described below.

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Busing BACTOBAN cam, tll you halthca povid about all you mdical conditions including i you:

BACTOBAN (mupiocin calcium) cam, 2% contains th dihydat cystallin calcium hmi-salt th NA synthtas inhibitantibactial, mupiocin. Chmically, it is (?,2S,3,4,5S)-5-[(2S,3S,4S,5S)-2,3-poxy-5-hydoxy-4-mthylhxyl]ttahydo-3,4-dihydoxy-?-mthyl-2H-pyan-2-cotonic acid, st with 9-hydoxynonanoic acid, calcium salt (2:1), dihydat.

C. diicil poducs toxins A and B which contibut tth dvlopmnt CDAD. Hyptoxinpoducing stains C. diicil caus incasd mobidity and motality, as ths inctions can b actoy tantimicobial thapy and may qui colctomy. CDAD must b considd in all patints whpsnt with diaha ollowing antibactial dug us. Caul mdical histoy is ncssay sinc CDAD has bn potd toccu ov 2 months at th administation antibactial agnts.

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figure 2015 global beconase production market share by regions.

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