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He is coming very close to 1 year period so he will be off dapt but starting next monday he will have to be put back on clopidogrel.

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ALopidgemfibrozilis a medication that is used to reduce cholesterol and triglyceride levelsLopid is in a class of medications known as fibratesAccording to the National Institutes of HealthLopid works by reducing the production of triglycerides by cipla pharmaceuticals. the liverThe most common side effects with Lopid are heartburnabdominal paindiarrheafatiguenauseaand vomitingA search of the prescribing information for Lopid did not specifically list weight gain/difficulty with weight loss as a side effectThis is not a complete list of the side effects associated with LopidHaving gout may hinder weight loss because the pain from the gout may keep you from being physically activeA more sedentary lifestyle may contribute to the inability to lose weightBe sure to see your doctor for treatment of the goutMegan UeharaPharmD.

Medical problemCall 1800 022 222If you need urgent medical helpcall triple zero immediately.

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clopidogrel s benefit is primarily in those who smoke cigarettes 25 benefit , with only slight 8 benefit in those who do not smoke cigarettes.

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