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If you are pregnant, then you should inform your doctor before starting your treatment with indinavir.

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1-yl521,1-dimethylethyl)amino]carbonyl43-pyridinylmethyl1-piperazinyl2phenylmethylD-erythro-pentonamide sulfate1:1saltIndinavir sulfate has the following structural formula:

Patients should be advised to remain under the care of a physician when using CRIXIVAN and should not modify or discontinue treatment without first consulting the physicianThereforeif a dose is missedpatients should take the next dose at the erythromycin canada pharmacy. regularly scheduled time and should not double this doseTherapy with CRIXIVAN should be initiated and maintained at the recommended dosage.

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Always consult your doctor and pharmacist about taking any other prescription or non-prescription medicationincluding herbssupplementsand street drugs.

In rabbitsat a maternal dose of 240 mg/kg/dayno drug was detected in fetal plasma 1 hour after dosingFetal plasma drug levels 2 hours after dosing were approximately 3of maternal plasma drug levelsIn dogsat a maternal dose of 80 mg/kg/dayfetal plasma drug levels were approximately 50of maternal plasma drug levels both 1 and 2 hours after dosingIn ratsat maternal doses of 40 and 640 mg/kg/dayfetal plasma drug levels were approximately 10 to 15and 10 to 20of maternal plasma drug levels 1 and 2 hours after dosingrespectively.

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although it is not known whether crixivan is excreted in human milk, there exists the potential for adverse effects from indinavir in nursing infants.

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