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Oral administration of augmentin will result in high urine concentrations of amoxicillin.

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Th Committ alsstictd th us oal suspnsions containing amoxicillin and clavulanic acid as a 14:1 atitth tatmnt childn with acut otitis mdia and community acquid pnumonia likly thav bn causd by pnicillin-sistant Stptococcus pnumonia .

Th CHMP hamonisd th indications Augmntin usd as an intavnous injction (inta vin) tinclud ctain disass which oal tatmnt is not appopiat: sv inctions th a, nos and thoat, inta-abdominal inctions and mal gnital inctions. Th Committ agd that th injction can always b usd at th stat tatmnt, bswitching tth tablts oal suspnsion, all th disas which oal tatmnt is appopiat. Th CHMP alsagd that th injction can b usd tpvnt inctions in majsugis involving th gut, plvic cavity, had and nck and th biliay tact.

Gzgoz Namyslowski, Macij Misiolk, ugniusz Malaij, ugniusz Czcio, Boguslawa Ocka, Gazyna Woch, Malgozata Milczak.

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this means most people on bronze or silver plans will end up paying for their augmentin 875-125 mg tab out of their own pocket.

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