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And the failed antidepressant snri strattera – should also risperdal had no side affects and the changes i have seen in children and adolescents with darkened disorder may be subscribed in some cases it takes over 5 years for tardive dyskinesia from it.

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after the police were called to my parents house a few times too many and after a couple visits to the local psych ward, i went back on risperdal in 2005 and stayed on 2mg until a couple years ago when i brought myself down to 1mg under doctor s supervision.

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3 5 1499 patients of patients treated with risperdal consta.

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if you or your child developed diabetes while taking risperdal during the period when the drug was not approved for the use of minors, you may have a strong case against the company.

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the company is also accused of failing to disclose to doctors, patients and the public that patients taking risperdal are at a much higher risk for gynecomastia than patients taking similar medications.

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postmarketing experience includes reports of acute risperdal overdosage, with estimated doses of up to 360 mg.

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