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If possible, other antituberculous drugs should be avoided because of teratogenicity eg, ethionamide or lack of clinical experience during pregnancy.

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Ethinamate is bacteriostatic against MtuberculosisIn a study examining ethionamide resistanceethionamide administered orally initially decreased the number of culturable Mycobacterium tuberculosis organisms from the lungs of H37Rv infected miceDrug resistance developed with continued ethionamide monotherapybut did not occur when mice received ethionamide in combination with streptomycin or isoniazid.

SolubilityVery sparingly soluble in wateretherSparingly soluble in methanolethanolpropylene glycol.

For use in the treatment of pulmonary and extrapulmonary tuberculosis when other antitubercular drugs have failed.

Gastrointestinal intolerance is by far the major problem with ethionamidenausea is common and vomiting may occurHepatocellular injury is possible with ethionamide but is not commonVarious CNS effects have been reportedHypothyroidismgynecomastiaalopeciaimpotence also have been reported.

Ethionamide is used with other medications to treat tuberculosisTBEthionamide is an antibiotic and works by stopping the growth of bacteria.

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