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There are certain valuable alkaloids and triterpene saponins found in most trusted drug mail order sites. brahmi that have strong effects on the bodyin addition to many other organic compounds and volatile constituentsIt is commonly used fresh as a salad ingredientbut the herb can also be dried and ground and used with other herbsThe flavor is relatively mildbut the real reason for using brahmi is for the impact that it has on human health.

What does the study involveAll participants are given BrahmiHimalaya250 mg to take twice a day for three monthsBefore starting treatment and then after three monthsparticipants complete a number of questionnaires in order to find out how bad their AD isand if they have experienced any falls.

Urinary tract obstructionBacopa might increase secretions in the urinary tractThere is concern that this could worsen urinary obstruction.

Brahmi appears to be free of reported adverse reactionsBrahmi has CNS effectsbut no serious sedation.

People also take brahmi to treat backachehoarsenessmental illnessepilepsyjoint painand sexual performance problems in both men and womenIt is also sometimes used as awater pill

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