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Changs in nal unction including acut nal ailu can b causd by dugs that inhibit th nin-angiotnsin systm. Patints whos nal unction may dpnd in pat on th activity th nin-angiotnsin systm (.g., patints with nal aty stnosis, chonic kidny disas, sv hat ailu, volum dpltion) may b at paticula isk dvloping acut nal ailu dath on Avapo. Monitnal unction piodically in ths patints. Consid withholding discontinuing thapy in patints whdvlop a clinically signiicant dcas in nal unction on Avap[s Dug Intactions (7.3)].

Uticaia; angiodma (involving swlling th ac, lips, phaynx, and/tongu); incasd liv unction tsts; jaundic; hpatitis; hypkalmia; thombocytopnia; incasd CPK; tinnitus.

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