Recap: Bonnerfide Radio Tweet-Up


Nashville, Thursday, January 17, 2013LaTrisha Perkins of caught up with Gerard Bonner at the Bonnerfide Radio Tweet-Up!

The Bonnerfide Radio Crew (BRC) met up in Nashville early for the “BRC Tweet-Up” on Thursday! Hampton Inn Suites served as host to the BRC as they all met up for good food, good laughs, and a goodA�scandal!A� The night ended with a watch party for the latest episode of the hit TV show Scandal! The Internet radio station has created a community of friends from the Bonnerfide radio chat room and on twitter. Gerard Bonner chats live with his listeners everyday so the Anniversary Party weekend in Nashville seemed like the perfect time to catch up with everybody in person! Check out a quick interview with Gerard below and see our footage of the Friday night Bonnerfide Radio Anniversary Party in the AFTER THE EVENT section!


TP: Wassup everybody it’s your girl Trish and I’m here with Gerard Bonner of Bonnerfide Radio and he’s gearing up for the Bonnerfide Radio Anniversary Party here in Nashville, TN during Stellar Awards weekend! How are you Gerard?

GB: I’m great! We’ve just been running around all day getting ready for this party. We are SO excited about this party! I literally woke up this morning like “OMG it’s today!” LOL but we are amped, we’re ready!

TP: That’s awesome! So how did Bonnerfide Radio come about?

GB: September of 2009 is when it started. I had working in terrestrial radio for about 5 years. And my time there ended but I still had radio in me. So the question became what are you gonna do? So there were opportunities or so at another terrestrial station but that had already gone. So I had a website I had just started that May. So I thought why don’t we do this on the Internet? S that’s how it started. And for me the premise of it was just to present radio the way I felt like it should be. Way back when, certainly, I was a kid we listened for what was new and hot. Things got a little stale over the years. I just wanted to present a fresh perspective of radio.

TP: So that’s why the motto of Bonnerfide Radio is “Radio the way it should be!”

GB: Absolutely!

TP: Awesome! Well your family here at we are very excited about whats going down tomorrow at Hard Rock Cafe! So give the inside scoop on the Anniversary Party! Any surprises we let our followers in on???

GB: Well tomorrow is gonna be huge! We have a really big night planned! We’ve got a lot of artist coming thru such as Anita Wilson, Jason Nelson, Tedashi, Leon Timbo, etc. the idea of having all these amazing people in one room is gonna be crazy! I can tell we do have some surprise guests. If you guys have followed us you know our surprises are always crazy! This year we have a surprise guest host! You might want to get there in that 9:00 hour or you’ll miss the guest host! And we have two major surprise performances. We have kept the lid really tight on these but the crowd will not be disappointed!

TP: well thank you Gerard for sitting down with us and also for letting us cover your event tomorrow on!

GB: Absolutely! I love what you guys do and you always present yourselves with such professionalism. I’ve seen you all grow within the last year and I’m just happy to know you guys!

TP: Thank you so much GB! We love you and your team at Bonnerfide Radio!


Check out our footage of the Friday night Bonnerfide Radio Anniversary Party in Nashville inA� the AFTER THE EVENT section!


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