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Erectile Dysfunction happens when the blood flow in the penile area is blockedZenegra expands the vessel where the blood passes thus increasesnormal blood flow which can result to better erection.

Erectile Dysfunction is extremely common amongst menand by some estimates one in every 5 adults will suffer some form of this condition during their livesThe conditionwhich could have any number of triggersincluding reaction to medicationdiseasesstress or other medical conditionscauses an inability to have pleasurable sexual relationships.

Like any musclethe muscles that line the blood vessels of a man’s penis need blood flowing through them to enable and sustain an erection of the penisA restricted flow of blood deprives the penis of its ability to expandcause an erectionwhen stimulatedZenegra helps restore normal blood flow to the penis by expanding the vessels carrying the blood to the penile region.

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