How Can I Get My Event Added to the Site?

That’s easy! Just click on the “Submit an Event” link or button anytime you want to  submit an event. Please submit at least 14 days in advance, so that we have time to get the event posted and people can read the information ahead of time. Be as detailed as possible in your submission- if there is missing or incorrect information, it may cancel your post or slow down your posting time.

How Can My Event be in the Featured Image Gallery on the Home Page?

It’s easy!  Visit our Advertise page for more information.

(2) When you submit your event information, make sure to select the “Please send me information about Advertising or being Featured on the site” check box and we’ll send you more information. This way, we can still post your event right away so you don’t lose any time.

Can I Advertise my Product or Service on the Site?

Sure! First- keep it Holy! :  Second, select “Advertising” as your subject on the Contact page and send us an inquiry.

What if I See Misinformation on the Site?

While we try to ensure every bit of information is accurate, sometimes, something will slip through the cracks.  Please send a message via the Contact page with “Info Correction” selected or send an email to webmaster[at] with (1) the post title, (2) what information is incorrect, (3) the correct information and (4) your source and contact information.  I’ll get it corrected!  Turn around time is usually 2-3 business days. (Missing information will delay the posting time.)  And we thank you for your help!

Why are comments “Closed” on some Event posts but “Open” in others?

The vision for the site is to deliver event information without having to look through a lot of other stuff to get to it.  To try to limit the searchable information we’ve limited the comment feature.  For example, we wouldn’t want you to search for a Kirk Franklin concert and get instead a posted comment by Frank Kirk (although, if there is a Frank Kirk, we’re sure he is a great person)!

If you DO post a comment, remember- keep it Holy (no profanity, obscenity and be respectful)- or you will be promptly deleted! 🙁

What about me? I don’t see MY city!

I know…  I know… We’re working on it! 🙂 Make sure to go HERE and let us know what city you are in to help us determine where we will launch next!

I posted my event and received a confirmation, but I don’t see my event listed yet. What’s wrong?

Events are searchable to the public 30 days before the event date (and occasionally 60 days before for multiple date events). If you need additional posting time, consider listing your event as a Featured Event listing or as an advertisement. For more information, visit our ADVERTISE page.