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If you do not understand the instructions on the packask your doctor or pharmacist for help.

Talk with your doctor about lifestyle changes that may help this medication work bettersuch as stress reduction programsexerciseand dietary changes

Chest painpounding heartbeats or fluttering in your chestfeeling light-headedfaintingfeeling short of breatheven with mild exertionswelling of your hands or feetnauseaupper stomach painitchingloss of appetitedark urineclay-colored stoolsjaundiceyellowing of the skin or eyeseasy bruisingunusual bleedingnosemouthvaginaor rectumpurple or red pinpoint spots under your skinwheezingtrouble breathingdepressionconfusionmemory problemshallucinationsor cold feeling in your hands and feet.

When gradually stopping this medicationit is recommended that you temporarily limit physical activity to decrease strain on the heartGet medical help right away if you develop chest pain/tightness/pressurechest pain spreading to the jaw/neck/armunusual sweatingtrouble breathingor fast/irregular heartbeat.

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if you are going through critical myocardial infarction or who can t tolerate the early treatment phase or physician want to delay the therapy for any certain health issues should be started the metoprolol medication as soon as their health condition allows for the metoprolol treatment.

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