3/23/13: Christian Singles Hikers Event

The Christian Singles Hikers are announcing our schedule for 2013, which is our 17th year of enjoying outdoor events together.Ai?? Thanks to everybody who agreed to lead an event!Ai?? Come join us to share the nice weather, the beauty of the outdoors, and some great fellowship.Ai?? Please mark these down on your calendar and come with us for some of our events:

January 12 – New Ipswich, NH. If there is enough snow, we will go cross country skiing and maybe snowshoeing at Windblown in southern NH; if not, we will go hike in the Worcester area.
February * – Northfield, MA. If there is enough snow, we will go cross country skiing and maybe snowshoeing at Northfield Mountain near the Connecticut River; if not, we will go hike in the Hartford area.
March 23 lamisil crema. – Quabbin Reservoir, MA.Ai?? Come enjoy an early spring hike at the site of the former town of Dana.Ai?? This forgotten favorite of the group will be a great opportunity to stretch your legs on our first hike after the end of the winter and to see the historic town that was evacuated to create the reservoir that holds Boston’s drinking water.
April * – Wachusett Mt., MA.Ai?? Talk about a forgotten favorite!Ai?? In 1997 Laurel started our group with a hike here, but we have not done it since 2007.Ai?? We will be correcting this great oversight.Ai?? This wonderful hike has fantastic views in every direction from the top because it is the highest point for miles around.
May * – Mt. Greylock, MA. On this rigorous hike, we will be traversing part of the Appalachian Trail on the highest peak in Massachusetts. It will be a long day, but it is a great hike.
June * – “Taste of Amherst”, MA. BACK BY POPULAR DEMAND! Enjoy an easy hike with great views and then sample food from Amherst area restaurants on the town’s village green; no matter what kind of meal you are looking for, you will be able to find it here (or you can have a little of everything). Our group had its two largest turnouts ever at this event; set aside this date now to find out why!
July * – Borderland State Park, Sharon, MA. Come enjoy a hike at one of the most historically significant tracts of publicly owned land in the Commonwealth. On the grounds of a former estate, Borderland not only offers woodland trails and ponds, but also the original mansion.
August * – Newport, RI: This easy hike allows you to do as much or as little of the Cliff Walk as you want or go see some of the famous Newport Mansions.Ai?? This event will allow you to enjoy great views of the ocean.Ai?? We will then share a dinner together afterwards.
September * – Tully Lake, MA.Ai?? Those who have previously gone remember the great views we had from the top.Ai?? Furthermore, Doane’s Falls are beautiful.Ai?? You will want your fist fall hike to be at this scenic location.
October * – The Berkshires, MA.Ai?? Once again, Becky has volunteered to lead another great hike in western MA.Ai?? This hike will be one of our two rigorous hikes of the year and promises to have breathtaking views that will make it well worth the effort.
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* = to be determined

To find out more about our group, contact Mott at or 781-320-0663.Ai?? For those on our email list, we will send the details about an event approximately one week before it is scheduled to take place.Ai?? We look forward to seeing you at these events!

Event dates and/or times are subject to change. Events are also subject to cancellation. Check with the event coordinator/promoter before making travel arrangements or before heading out to any event. Morning Church Announcements is not the promoter of events listed and is not responsible for the accuracy of event information or event refunds.


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